What makes us the pick of the bunch?

We understand every client and their investments have different needs. But one thing that remains, is our commitment to listening and acting appropriately to achieve the best outcome for you!

No one property is the same, just as no one client is the same. We are committed to listening and acting respective to you and your property’s individual needs.

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Lightning quick leasing is part of our DNA

We’re proud to have won the inaugural REIWA award for ‘Top Office by Lowest Median Number of Days on Market for 250 and more residential properties leased’ in 2019, 2020 & 2021. These are going straight to the pool room.

What is our secret to success? We prioritise clear communication above all else. Phone, email or carrier pigeon – we respond to all prospective tenant enquiries on the same day we receive them. We’re flexible around your time, meaning you’re able to select and book a viewing time that suits you, resulting in an efficient process from enquiry to inspection.

We’re taking the Perth property industry to the next level. From fast owner communication, to our staff to property ratios, team structure, industry leading systems and our drive to succeed.


Property Done Properly

Our dedicated team of professionals have a diverse and rich history of property knowledge and experience. So whether we’re responsible for your family home filled with memories, your future forever home or your investment property, one thing we can assure is that your property will receive the care and attention as if it were our own.


Future you says thanks!

When leasing your property out, there is so much more to consider than the weekly rental amount. We broaden the view so we can see the bigger picture to optimise your return.

Acquiring a reliable tenant for your property is our number one priority, ensuring your property is constantly in responsible hands.

 Beyond this, factors such as the lease term, commencement date and probability of extension can all have a far greater impact on your returns than the weekly rental amount. 

Our team is adept in securing the perfect balance of these elements and will confidently guide you through what is required to get the most from your property.

Our customer promise is exactly that!

Come rain, hail or shine, you and your property are our number one priority.

Accountability is the cornerstone of every property partnership we enter into. 

If we’re not confident about a prospective tenant, we simply won’t recommend them.

Our team follows a rigorous protocol to guarantee you a tenant will be the right fit.

Online listings that stand out

We will place a listing for your property on all of the major real estate listing portals, ensuring that each listing will include a minimum of 5 professional images of the property.

Unlimited private viewings

We conduct the necessary number of private viewings of your property until it is leased.

Advertising campaign updates

We ensure to constantly provide you with regular updates as to the status of the leasing campaign.

Quick response to prospective tenants

We return all prospective tenant enquiries within the same business day.

Securing the best applications

Suitable rental applications will be processed as a matter of urgency to secure the tenancy as soon as practicable.

Comprehensive tenant screening

All suitable applicants will be screened on the national tenancy databases to which we subscribe.

Landlords have the final say

Unless you instruct otherwise, all suitable tenancy applications will be referred to you for a decision.

Paperwork is a breeze

Subject to the tenancy commencement date and the tenant’s availability, we will prepare the tenancy documentation within 1 business day of tenancy approval.

Zero tolerance for rent arrears

We implement a strict zero tolerance rent arrears process, ensuring that any and all are dealt with in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

On time payments, every time

End of month processing will be conducted on the last business day of every month, and unless instructed otherwise, all available funds held on your behalf will be transferred to your nominated bank account on this day.

Flexible access to funds

Upon request, we can provide you with one off rental payments if you require funds before the end of the month processing (subject to funds availability).

Attending to property maintenance

All non urgent repair requests from tenants will be processed within 2 business days from receipt.

Urgent repairs in a flash

We will attend to any “urgent” repair requests within four hours of receipt.

Best value and quality workmanship

All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain the best value for your repairs and maintenance.

Accessible invoice records

We will hold invoices for all work arranged on your behalf, and can provide you with copies at any time upon request.

Consistently timed inspections

Unless instructed otherwise, we will carry out at least four periodic inspections of your property over a twelve month period.

Convenient property disbursements

All agreed property disbursements will be paid on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability of funds).

Accurate and timely statements

We will provide you with an accurate annual income and expenditure Statement immediately upon the conclusion of the financial year.

Taking complaints seriously

Whilst complaints are extremely rare, any written complaints received will be acknowledged and responded to within 1 business day.

Maximum attention to detail

We will ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete.

Keeping you in the loop

Copies of all documents that we sign on your behalf as agent will be forwarded to you (unless instructed otherwise).

Compliance to Code of Conduct

The highest standards of honesty, integrity and professional practice will be conducted in compliance with the Real Estate and Business Agents ‘Code of Conduct’.

Changing to Pure Leasing is simple

Thinking of switching to us?

It is a common misunderstanding that you cannot change agency or employ an agency while the property is already being rented. But you can! Simply refer to the information below to find out how you can employ Pure Leasing Central to make your life easier.

If you’re tired of not receiving the service you deserve (and pay for), or sick of having to ‘manage’ the property manager, the property and the tenant yourself despite paying an agent? Or is it just time for a change? You can do something about it, it’s simple and you certainly don’t have to wait for the lease to expire!

Simply follow these four easy steps, and you will be experiencing our exceptional, stress free property management service very soon!

  1. Check to ensure the ‘Exclusive Management Authority’ with your current agent has expired (this is the contract you signed when you first employed the agency and the expiry date is usually listed on the 2nd page of the authority), if the authority has expired, proceed to step 2. If it hasn’t expired, talk to us so we can run through the options available to you. 
  2. Contact us and we will tell you all the reasons why it would be beneficial for you to switch to us, and we will either meet with you and/or send you an ‘Exclusive Management Authority’ to sign.
  3. Simply fill in the blanks on our template ‘transfer’ letter and forward it to your current managing agent.
  4. Celebrate, tell your friends, sit back and enjoy a service that will exceed all of your expectations.
More time to do the things you love

It’s ok, we understand that there are some perceived benefits to managing your own property, we also appreciate that circumstances change and it may have all become too much.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Partnering with our driven team will reduce any of your real estate stress, elevate your property, mitigate the risks and improve the return on your investment.

Let's catch up to chat property