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Retargeting Ads for our Rental Properties

We now have the ability to use retargeting ads for our rental listings (* where appropriate). Retargeting works by placing an anonymous cookie on the browser of our site visitors. Then, an ad is displayed to that same visitor after they leave our site (and continue on to other sites). Numerous ad networks like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo! and Pinterest allow for retargeted ads. We can successfully retarget our existing online audience with available rental listings.

At its core, retargeting is at its best when it’s bringing “window shoppers” back to our site, converting them into clients. It also increases brand awareness and overall reach, as our retargeting ads will be constantly displayed to interested site visitors.

Retargeting ads are synonymous with high click-through rates, increased conversions and creating repeat customers and builds on trust and familiarity, encouraging previous visitors to further engage with our brand, inviting the opportunity for sequential messaging, which consumers find to be more useful.


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