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Keeping well at Pure

One of our goals as a business is to work on wellness within our team, particularly after various challenges and sadness over the past 12 months.

As well as personal issues having an effect on our working lives, studies show that up to 73% of Australians are stressed about work – and 85% believe that it’s up to their employer to create an environment which addresses this.

At Pure, we recognise that in order to address the growing mental health crisis, we need to upskill our employees with programs and training, to not only improve their wellbeing but also boost their productivity.

One such provider of wellness programs is SJ Wellness, facilitated by Stephanie Johnson, who has been teaching yoga and meditation for five years and is extremely passionate about mental health.

Stephanie believes that if employees are harnessed with the right tools, they can effectively navigate and face the increasing demands of the corporate environment, and in turn reduce employee turnover and improve job satisfaction.

Within a framework of stress management and “calming the mind”, Stephanie takes a holistic approach, linking mind and body, physical structure, relaxation response, meditation, breathing techniques and visualisations to help navigate the pressures of everyday life.

To find out more about SJ Wellness courses and classes, visit www.stephaniejohnson.com.au.


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